18 Essential Items in My Carry On

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18 Essentials Items in My Carry On

What each traveler deems as an essential item for their packing list is purely based off personal preference, experience, comfort, and style. To each his/her own.

Below you will find 18 of my essentials items - my preferences - that will always be within my carry-on luggage before take off. I won’t leave home without them. Some inexpensive, some more on the pricey side, and all very packable.


1. Anker PowerCore 10000mAh External Battery

My Anker PowerCore external battery is able to fully charge multiple electronics, multiple times. I use my external battery to charge cellphones, tablets, kindles, GoPro, cameras, wireless headphones, etc. It’s incredibly useful, powerful, and packable.


2. BagSmart Electronics Organizer

I find having tangled electronics’ cords to be one of the most mildly infuriating occurrences on the planet - especially when you’re abroad and ready for your next excursion. #stayuntangled


3. International Power Adapter - 4 USB Plugs for 150+ Countries

This International Power Adapter will keep your devices connected in 150+ countries, with the ability to simultaneously charge 4 electronic devices with 4 USB Ports, as well as the standard plug-in.

My international power adapter worked flawlessly throughout Japan and Italy. We are able to charge our cellphones, GoPro, external batteries simultaneously.


4. Passport, Boarding Pass RFID Wallet by Zoppen

Stay protected from identity theft; stay organized with all travel tickets, passes, metro cards; and travel smart in a classic, vintage, stylish sort of way!

As a traveler, I need to feel organized, secure, and have all my documents and tickets in one convenient place.


5. Travel Door Alarm by Lewis N Clark

This loud, attention grabbing, high-pitched alarm provides maximum security for front door, bedroom, apartment, dorm, or hotel - even works on windows. Very compact and portable.

This door alarm provides comfort and security. I know that I will be immediately alerted if any intrusion were to occur during my stay.


6. Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker

Up to 8 hours of clear, full-range sound from this wireless, compact speaker. Connects with smartphone, tablet, or other Bluetooth devices.

We make our travel extra special with adding music to our picnics in parks abroad. Or, we listen to traditional, cultural music, based off the country we’re staying in, for a more fulfilling, holistic experience.


7. Mini Handheld Fan by VersionTech

With its handheld or foldable, multipurpose design, this portable, lightweight fan has three adjustable speeds and will keep you cool when out and about.

I cannot tell you how wonderful a powerful, handheld travel fan is when you’re baking in the heat of an Italian summer. Sweet, sweet bliss. You might not want to share, so, get two. Ha!


8. Hoptop’s 4-piece Clear Toiletry Travel Bags

Durable, clear toiletry bags helps to make finding what you’re looking for quite easy.

Such a simple and essential item in my carry on that has made “getting ready” easier, faster, and less of a hassle.


9. Packable Backpack by HikPro

Foldable, packable, ultra lightweight 20L daypack, with a minimalist design. Water resistant, tear resistant and very comfortable.

Check out my HikPro Backpack in the blog’s cover image down below!

This HikPor helps us store our necessities while on the run and keeps our souvenirs and groceries safe and sits comfortably on our back. Our favorite feature is that it is foldable, it folds incredibly small when packed. We use it for all day trips when abroad. Definitely a traveler’s essential item.


10. Microfiber Travel Towel, 2-Pack

2 sizes: Large body towel (60”x30”) and small face/hand towel (24”x15”). Soft material; quick drying and super absorbent; lightweight, compact, and very packable.

We prefer to use our own towels when traveling. I can be a wee bit of a germaphobe at times.


11. RFID Money Belt with RFID Blocking Sleeves

Full identity theft protection with 3 layers of 100% RFID blocking materials, a great gift for travelers.

This money belt has a sleek design that’s perfect for under clothing wear, and is very comfortable too.


12. Travel Umbrella

This umbrella is ultra packable, lightweight, waterproof, and windproof. Perfect for sun blocking as well.

Served us well.


13. Collapsible Water Bottle by Nomader

Portable, durable, leakproof, and made with 100% food-grade materials. This water bottle is dishwasher safe; holds hot or cold drinks; is freezable, collapsible, easy to refill, and is easy add ice cubes or fruit through wide mouth.

Our collapsible water bottle came in handy countless times during our Italian summer vacation. Italy is known for its public water fountains. So fun to fill our bottles multiple times a day, and for free!


14. GoPro HERO7 Camera + Extra Rechargeable Battery + PNY Elite-X 32 GB U3 microSDHS Card (Bundle)

Rugged, waterproof, hyper-smooth video stabilization, takes 4K60 Video and 12MP Photos.

Home videos are very important to us. I want to remember our experiences, how they were, how we were, forever.


Action Camera Accessory Kit for GoPro Cameras by Neewer

Every GoPro action camera accessory known to man! It’s fun changing them out and finding new uses and tools for our camera.


15. Eye mask by Incok

Improve your quality of sleep with the oversized design eye mask, made of hypoallergenic materials; smooth and breathable. Perfect for at-home and travel use.

I bought mine specifically for sleeping on airplanes (something I had difficulty doing), and now I can’t sleep at home (or on airplanes) without it. Blocks out light, and has a comfortable, oversized, pillowy design that fits around my head perfectly.


16. Neck Support Travel Pillow by Trtl

With a unique design and extra cushioning, this pillow will keep your head and neck supported for long travel hours and comfortable sleep. Detachable fabric for easy machine washing.

Another must-have in my book. This neck support pillow makes sleeping on airplanes, in cars, on trains, easy and comfortable.


17. Bluetooth headphones by Letscom

Waterproof, wireless, noise cancelling, sweatproof headphones with 8 hours of playtime. Check out the great reviews!

Music, audiobooks, podcasts, and the occasional downloaded movie are a must during travel days. These headphones have made my travel hours incredibly enjoyable.


18. Kindle Paperwhite - Waterproof, 32 GB

The thinnest, lightest Kindle Paperwhite yet! It is glare-free, waterproof, and built-in adjustable light lets you read indoors and outdoors, day and night. Carry your whole library with you!

I cannot leave my hometown without my kindle. I can now read outside, in the sunlight, with this amazing, glare-free screen. Also, being able to adjust the screen’s backlight makes reading more comfortable on the eyes.


Carry on & Personal Item luggage

Carry On

eBags Mother Lode Weekender Carry-On Travel Backpack

Our Mother Load Weekender fits everything and more. I still can’t believe I was able to travel throughout Italy for two week with this backpack, with plenty of room to spare. I bet I could go a month!


Personal Item

Tucano Tugo Medium Travel Backpack

This little backpack has my heart. Free on most airlines, this backpack counts as a “personal item” (not carry on) and is so spacious with conveniently placed pockets. Our favorite feature is that it opens like a suitcase. Love, love, love it.


Packing Cubes by TravelWise

5-piece travel organizer set. Durable, functional design that will keep you organized during your travels.

I will never go back to packing without packing cubes. Never.

18 Essentials Items in My Carry On

18 Essential Items in My Carry On

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